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Belarus Map – Cities and Roads

Belarus Map
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This Belarus map shows cities, towns, highways, elevation, and satellite imagery of the country. The terrain map of Belarus highlights its topography like the Belarusian Ridge and highest peak, Dzyarzhynskaya Hill.

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About the map

Belarus World Map
Belarus on a World Map

Belarus is a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe. It borders 5 other countries. First, Russia is located to the northeast, Latvia to the north, and Lithuania to the northwest. Then, Belarus borders Poland to the west, and Ukraine to the south.

Belarus occupies an area of 207,600 square kilometers (80,200 sq mi) which is the 13th largest in Europe. The capital city is Minsk, close to the geographic center of the country. Also, it’s one of the least wealthy countries in all of Europe per capita.

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Belarus Satellite Map

Belarus is known for its forests, flowing rivers, marshland, and agriculture. According to the FAO, forests cover over 40% of Belarus. Agriculture is its other major land use because it has ideal growing conditions for cereal crops like barley, rye, oats, and wheat.

There are over 11,000 lakes in Belarus. Flowing rivers run throughout the country. But its primary rivers are the Neman, Pripyat, and Dnieper River. Lake Narach is the largest lake in Belarus and is situated northwest of its capital, Minsk.

Belarus Satellite Map


Belarus Elevation Map

The terrain in Belarus is relatively flat with large areas of marshy land throughout most of the country. Specifically, Polesia is a large stretch of marshy forests in the south of Belarus. Another major topographic feature is the Belarusian Ridge.

This ridge that consists of low, rolling hills extends for more than 500 kilometers in the western region of the country.  At 345 meters (1,132 ft), Dzyarzhynskaya Hill is the highest peak in Belarus, located west of Minsk.

Belarus Elevation Map

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