Kosovo Map

A map of Kosovo that contains major cities, towns, roads, lakes, and rivers.  Satellite imagery and a terrain map shows its topography like its plains and mountainous areas.


Kosovo Political Map

Kosovo is a landlocked country in Southeastern Europe, located at the center of the Balkans. It borders 4 other countries including Serbia to the north, Montenegro to the west, Albania to the southwest, and North Macedonia to the southeast.  It’s been recognized as a nation since 2008, when it declared its independence from Serbia. Pristina is the capital and largest city of Kosovo.  Other major cities are Prizren, Gjilan, and Peja.


Kosovo Satellite Map

Kosovo occupies an area of 10,887 square kilometers (4,203 sq mi). This makes it similar in size to Lebanon, but slightly larger. It is a mix of high plains, rolling plains, and mountainous areas. Metohija is a large basin in the west of Kosovo that covers 35% of the area. The country is positioned between 42° and 43° N latitudes. Because of its continental climate, Kosovo mostly has warm summers and cold winters. Forests cover almost half of the landmass in Kosovo.


Kosovo Physical Map

The interior is mostly flat. Whereas the outer boundaries are mountainous. For example, the Kopaonik Range spans the northern border between Serbia.  While the Šar Mountains divide North Macedonia, the Accursed Mountains bound Kosovo with Montenegro. At 2,658 meters (8,720 ft) in height, Kosovo’s highest peak is Velika Rudoka within the Šar Mountains. Whereas White Drim situated in the southwest is Kosovo’s lowest point at 297 meters above sea level.


Kosovo Municipality Map

Districts are the first level of administrative divisions of Kosovo. Altogether, there are 7 districts in Kosovo divided administratively and geographically. Next, this is followed by municipalities, in which there are 38 administrative units in Kosovo.