Download our satellite map of the United States. It’s free to use for any purpose. Alternatively, select from any of the 50 states for more satellite maps of the USA.

Satellite Map USA

Satellite Map of the United States

Additional Resources

If you’re looking for additional satellite images for each state in America, USGS has created images using Tri-Decadal Global Landsat Orthorectified ETM+ Pan-Sharpened data. The USGS also has draped elevation data using the National Elevation Dataset (NED).

Landsat State Mosaics: USGS Landsat State Mosaics


Maps of America

US Precipitation Map Feature
US Precipitation Map

How much rain falls in the United States? Take a close look at this US precipitation map to see where it falls the most and least. You’ll see it fluctuates.

US Map Collection
The United States Map Collection

These are the defining maps of the United States. This United States map collection has everything from general reference, physical, climate and elections.

US Map Collection


  1. Hi will you be adding any higher resolution images so they they look better on 4k monitors and screens?

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    I miss Connecticut, Delaware, Kansas and Rhode Island. Will they be making an appearance?


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