Maps of America

US County Map Feature
US County Map of the United States

A US county map that displays the 3,142 counties and equivalents including parishes, boroughs, census areas, independent cities and the District of Columbia.

US Map Capitals Feature
United States Map with Capitals

From Alabama to Wyoming, we display all 50 US states and capital cities. This United States map with capitals is a simple representation of continental US.

US Map Collection


  1. Would rather they used the same scale for Alaska and put it in the proper location. These types of maps do not teach the the kids all the truth.

  2. Hi, I found individual outlined state in black and white. I would like color states. If you have or know anyone, please let me know. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for this website. I have no idea how I missed this site when looking for free map downloads, especially one that gives you a clear picture. Most others are blurry and very hard to read without glasses or something to magnify the text.

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