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Burma Map (Myanmar Map)

This map of Myanmar (Burma) displays major cities, towns, roads, and rivers.  It includes key features such as its mountain ranges shown in a topographic map and satellite imagery.

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About the map

Burma World Map
Myanmar (Burma) on a World Map

Myanmar (Burma) is a country located in Southeastern Asia. It borders 5 other countries including China to the northeast, Laos, and Thailand to the southeast, as well as Bangladesh and India to the northwest.

Also, it shares about 1,930 km (1,200 mi) of contiguous coastline with the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. The capital city of Myanmar is Naypyidaw, but its largest city is Yangon (Rangoon) followed by Mandalay.

Myanmar is the tenth-largest country in Asia and occupies a total area of 676,578 square kilometers (261,228 sq mi). It’s larger than the area of Afghanistan but smaller than the size of Turkey. Also, it includes a small group of islands from the Mergui Archipelago in the southwest of the Andaman Sea.

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Burma Satellite Map

According to the FAO, forests cover 48.3% of Myanmar with agriculture as its second greatest land use. While Indawgyi Lake is Myanmar’s largest natural freshwater lake, the Mekong River is the longest watercourse that almost flows through the whole country.

Burma Satellite Map


Burma Physical Map

The terrain of Burma is a mixture of central lowlands and rugged highlands. For example, its major mountains include Arakan Mountains, Pegu Range, the Himalayas, the Shan Plateau, and the Tenasserim Hills. But its highest point is Mount Hkakabo in northern Myanmar on the border with China. At 5,881 meters (19,295 feet), is also the highest peak in all of mainland Southeast Asia.

Burma Physical Map


Burma Regions Map

Myanmar contains twenty-one administrative subdivisions in total. This includes 7 regions, 7 states, 1 union territory, 1 self-administered division, and 5 self-administered zones with each state or region holding its executive authority. The presidential palace is located in Naypyidaw, near the geographic center of Myanmar.

Burma Administrative Map

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