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Map of Turkey – Cities and Roads

Turkey Map
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This reference map of Turkey contains cities, towns, highways, roads, lakes, and rivers. It includes a physical map, satellite imagery, and an administrative map of the provinces of Turkey.

About the map

Turkey World Map
Turkey on a World Map

Turkey is located as part of two continents including Southeastern Europe and Western Asia. It has a total of 7,200 kilometers of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea in the south, the Aegean Sea in the west, and the Black Sea in the north. Turkey borders several countries including Georgia, Bulgaria, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

Turkey is known for its world heritage sites, shipwrecks, the first-ever university, philosophers, and carpets. Turkey’s capital is Ankara but Istanbul is the largest city and financial center, which was formerly known as Constantinople. Its history extends thousands of years back such as the story of the legendary Trojan War that took place in Troy, Turkey. Other major cities include Izmir, Bursa, and Adana.

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Turkey Satellite Map

Turkey is a large country in size and occupies 783,356 square kilometers (302,455 sq mi). In comparison, it’s larger than Afghanistan but smaller than Pakistan. Turkey lies between 36°N and 42°N so its climate is mostly hot and dry in the summer. But the temperature, in general, is much milder and wetter in the winter.

Turkey contains seven geographic regions. Four are coastal regions including the Marmara, Black Sea, Aegean Region, and Mediterranean Regions. Whereas Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia, and the Southeastern Anatolia Region are its inner regions.

Turkey Satellite Map


Turkey Physical Map

The terrain is a mix of coastal plains, plains in the central region, and several mountain ranges. For example, it includes the Taurus Mountains in the south, the Pontic Mountains in the north, and the Armenian Highlands to the east.

Within the Armenian Highlands, it contains several peaks like Mount Ararat, a snow-capped dormant volcano. At 5,137 meters (16,854 ft), it’s the highest peak in Turkey along its borders with Iran. While Kızılırmak (Halys River) is the longest river at 1,350 kilometers (840 mi), Turkey’s largest lake is Van 3,755 square kilometers (1,450 sq mi).

Turkey Physical Map


Turkey Provincial Map

Provinces are the first-level administrative units in Turkey. Currently, there are 81 provinces in Turkey and each one appoints a governor from the Ministry of the Interior. Next, districts are the second-level administrative unit in Turkey. Finally, each province is divided into districts.

Turkey Province Map


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