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Blank Map of Central America

Here’s your chance to download a blank map of Central America and all of its 7 countries. Our unlabeled Central America map shows outlines of each country.

Central America Blank Country Map

We allow you to download any map on this page. Regardless of the purpose, please provide a full citation back to our source page.

Black and White Blank Map of the Central America

Our first blank map (above) of Central America was color-coded. But we’ve also created an outline map of Central America. These empty maps are ideal for printing in black and white.

Central America Blank Map

For example, you can use it for coloring or labeling each country in Central America. This makes it perfect for classrooms or anyone learning geography.

Central America Country Outlines

The two maps above show the entire region of Central America. But what happens if you want individual country boundaries?

That’s why we’ve created printable maps of each country’s border in Central America. Similar to our other maps, you can download these maps for any purpose.

Where is Central America Located?

Central America is located between North America and South America, connecting the two continents. It is a narrow isthmus that includes seven countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Central America serves as a natural land bridge connecting North and South America. This geographic feature has had a significant impact on the migration of species between the two continents over time.

The Pacific Ring of Fire runs through the region, resulting in numerous active volcanoes. Countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica all have notable volcanic landscapes.

World Atlas of the Central America 

Are you looking for public domain maps of Central America? Our Central America map collection is one of the most thorough online.

Most country maps include political, terrain, satellite, and administration areas. It also shows where the country is located on a globe.

Make sure to check out any of our Central American country maps, if you need more detailed information.

Country Outline Maps

Select from the available country outline maps below. You can download them today and use them for free.

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