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Blank Map of Africa with Country Outlines

Searching for a blank map of Africa? Look no further! Use our blank map of Africa for any purpose. This includes all the African country outlines as well.

This is especially great for printing in classrooms. I’ve found naming countries to be a challenging activity in geography even for the brightest students.

You are free to use our African map outlines for educational and commercial uses. Attribution is required. How to attribute?

Blank Map of Africa in Color

I’ve always found Africa to be the hardest continent to label every country. It must be because it has 54 countries, which is more than any other continent!

Maybe, you have a color printer? Download our blank map of Africa in living color. This simple map has African country outlines all in a continent map. Our second map labels each country in Africa.

Why do you need an empty map of Africa, anyhow?

I’ve had people ask me before… What good is a map without labels on it? Well, it’s not only nice to hang out on a wall… but you can do so much more with it

One of the best ways to use an empty map is to teach geography. By having students label countries, capitals, or geographic features, they can check their accuracy.

I’ve also seen people use empty maps like this one to plan routes, brainstorm, and mark up. Remember, the possibilities depend on your needs and imagination!

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