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Blank Map of Europe with Country Outlines

Our blank map of Europe and country outlines are free to use. Download them today and use them for commercial or educational needs.

You can use our unlabelled map of Europe for whatever you need. It can also be beneficial for educational settings.

You are free to use our blank map of Europe for educational and commercial uses. Attribution is required. How to attribute?

Europe Blank Maps in Color

If you have a color printer, and you want something with a bit more vibe… Then, check out our unlabeled color maps of Europe. Similar to our black-and-white maps, these blank maps are also available for free.

Why use a blank of Europe?

Most people just use these empty maps of Europe to check their understanding. Think about it. It doesn’t have anything on it yet – no countries, cities, or rivers.

It’s kind of like a coloring book page. Just like when you use a blank paper to draw or color, you can use a blank map of Europe to learn and explore. You can draw the countries where they go, and color them. You can even mark where important cities or mountains are.

It’s like a fun puzzle where you get to learn where everything in Europe is by putting it on the map yourself! It’s really helpful for learning about different places in a fun way. That’s why we offer them all for free.

Atlas of the Continent Europe

Discover a wide array of European maps in our collection. Whether you’re seeking a detailed physical map or just a basic overview of the continent, we’ve got you covered. Explore our selection by clicking on the map displayed below.

Country Outline Maps

Pick from the range of outline maps below. Feel free to download them today and use them completely free of charge.

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