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South America Blank Map and Country Outlines

Get familiar with South America with this blank map. We include continent maps and country blank maps of South America.

Explore South America with our free, blank map. It’s perfect for educational purposes and customizing it with your annotations. Print it out for hands-on learning or integrate it into classroom activities.

You are free to use our blank map of South America for educational and commercial uses. Attribution is required. How to attribute?

South America Country Outlines

Below, you can find individual empty maps for the 12 countries in South America. Also, feel free to download the empty maps of countries in South America.

We offer these downloadable and printable maps of South America that include country borders.

South America Blank Map in Color

Searching for a blank map of South America in color? Below, you’ll find two distinct maps for your use. Firstly, there’s an unlabelled map with countries distinguished by different pastel hues. Secondly, we offer a map of South America with labels for each country.

World Atlas of South America

Explore our vast collection in one of the world’s most extensive map atlases. See below for our section featuring detailed maps of South America.

South America Maps

Why use an empty map of South America?

An empty map is ideal for educational purposes. It allows students to actively engage with geography by labeling or annotating it themselves.

It also serves as a customizable base for specific projects, research, or presentations because it doesn’t have any pre-added information.

Fill in each country or even draw the boundaries on your own. Every map you see on this page is free to use and even for commercial use.

Country Outline Maps

Check out our outline maps and download them for any purpose.

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