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Prince Edward Island Map

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Prince Edward Island Location Map

This Prince Edward Island map shows the major highways, roads, cities, and populated places. For instance, it contains the capital and largest city, Charlottetown, located off the south coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It also includes satellite imagery and hillshade relief maps to display the topography for the province of PEI.

Prince Edward Island is situated along the east coast of Canada in the Atlantic region. It’s not only the smallest province in size in Canada, but it’s also the least populous with approximately 150,000 people. Prince Edward Island is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the Gulf of St. Lawrence with the Northumberland Strait in the south.

The province of Prince Edward Island is one of the three maritime provinces with Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. P.E.I consists of one main island, as well as 230 minor islands. The capital city of Charlottetown is famous for being the home of Anne of Green Gables. Although P.E.I wasn’t one of the first four provinces to join the Confederation of Canada in 1867, it shortly joined after British Columbia in 1873.

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Prince Edward Island Cities and Towns

Vernon River
Mount Stewart
Mount Pleasant

Lakes, Rivers, and Water Features

Northumberland Strait
Malpeque Bay
Gulf of St. Lawrence
Atlantic Ocean

Other Features

TransCanada Highway
Charlottetown Airport
Major Highways and Roads

Canadian Provinces

Canadian Territories

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