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Manitoba Map – Cities and Roads

About the map

Manitoba Location Map

This map of Manitoba contains roads, rivers and lakes, and cities. For example, it displays the capital city of Winnipeg, Brandon, and Thompson. This Manitoba map also includes a satellite image of the province and a hillshade relief map.

The province of Manitoba is located in the central prairies of Canada. Agriculture, hydroelectricity, and natural resources play a major role in the economy. Because Manitoba’s industry is so diverse, it experiences little negative impact during economic recessions.

Winnipeg is the capital and most populous city in Manitoba with over 750,000 people. There are over 100,000 lakes in Manitoba with Lake Winnipeg being the 10th largest lake in the world by surface area. Manitoba borders Saskatchewan, Ontario, North Dakota, and the territory of Nunavut.

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Manitoba Cities and Towns

Lynn Lake
Norway House
Flin Flon
The Pas
Nelson House
Oxford House
Berens River
Island Lake

Lakes and Rivers

Lake Winnipeg
Lake Manitoba
Lake Winnipegosis
Lake of the Woods
Lac du Bonnet
Reindeer Lake
Kasba Lake
Split Lake
Island Lake
Gods Lake
Nueltin Lake
Southern Indian Lake
Cedar Lake
Sipiwesk Lac
Thlewiaza River
Assiniboine River
God’s River
Hayes River
Severn River
Red River
Churchill River
Winnipeg River
Nelson River
Saskatchewan River

Other Features

Hudson Bay
TransCanada Highway
Winnipeg International Airport
Major Highways and Roads

Canadian Provinces

Canadian Territories

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