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Map of Greece – Cities and Roads

Greece Map
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This map of Greece contains major cities, towns, islands, lakes, rivers, and regions. It includes satellite imagery and a physical map to view its national parks and Mount Olympus.

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About the map

Greece World Map
Greece on a World Map

Greece is located in southern Europe along the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, and Mediterranean Sea. It is categorized as an archipelago because it consists of about 6,000 islands. But only 227 islands are inhabited by human settlements or visited by tourists.

Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. It borders several European countries including Albania, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria to the north as well as Turkey to the northeast.

The country is nicknamed “the cradle of modern Western civilization” because of its influences today. For example, Greece shaped the future in the alphabet, libraries, democracy, law, and of course the Olympics.

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Greece Satellite Map

Greece has the longest coastline in Europe (11th longest in the world) at 13,676 km (8,498 mi) in length. It’s the southernmost country in Europe with Gavdos Island as its extreme southern point. In total, Greece occupies an area of 131,957 square kilometers (50,949 sq mi).

It sits at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Forests cover 30% of Greece but agriculture doesn’t account for a significant portion in comparison to other countries in Europe. While Lake Trichonida is Greece’s largest natural lake, the Haliacmon is the longest river in Greece.

Greece Satellite Map


Greece Physical Map

Mountains and hills cover 80% of Greece making it one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. It also consists of the mainland peninsula extending to the south part of the Balkans to the Peloponnese peninsula. Its highest peak is Mytikas at Mount Olympus.

At 2,917 meters (9,570 ft) high, it holds great importance in Greek mythology, as it was the home of the Greek Gods. Another one of its major mountain chains is the Pindus Range, located in Northern Greece and southern Albania, stretching roughly 160 kilometers long.

Greece Physical Map


Greece Regional Map

There are thirteen regions in Greece, which are the first-level administrative unit. While six regions are on the mainland, three are island groups. Each region consists of second-level units, known as prefectures/regional units.

Greece Regions Map

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