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Map of Qatar

About Qatar

Qatar is a peninsula in the Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf. It borders only 1 country, which is Saudi Arabia. But it’s also close to the United Arab Emirates as well.

The terrain of Qatar is mostly a flat and barren desert. Dust and sandstorms are common in Qatar because of its strong winds and dry, loose sediments.

The physical location of Qatar makes it a central location for major oil and natural gas deposits and exchange. This is why petroleum resources have become a major economic engine and source of employment in Qatar.

Capital city


Cities, towns and villages

Abu Thaylah
Ad Dawhah
Al Busayyir
Al Ghariyah
Al Ghuwayriyah
Al Kharrarah
Al Kir anah
Al Wakrah
Ar Rayyan
Ar Rufayq
As Salwa
Ash Shahaniyah
Madinat al Ka ban
Madinat ash Shamal
Mazra at Turayna
Umm Bab
Umm Said

Lakes, rivers and creeks

Persian Gulf

Municipalities of Qatar

Ad Dawhah
Al Daayen
Al Khawr
Al Wakrah
Ar Rayyān
Madinat ach Shamal
Umm Salal

Where is Qatar?

Qatar Location Map

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