Syria Map

A map of Syria displaying major cities, towns, rivers, lakes, and roads. Satellite imagery and a terrain map display everything from the Syrian Desert to the Euphrates River.


Syria Political Map

Syria is located in the Middle East, next to the Mediterranean Sea. It borders 5 countries including Turkey to the north, Iraq to the east, Jordan to the south, Lebanon to the west, and Israel to the southwest. The country is known for its cultural history, conflicts, civil war, and is one of the oldest civilizations. The capital of Syria is Damascus. But Aleppo is the most populous city. Other major cities include Homs, Hama, and Latakia. Syria occupies an area of 185,180 square kilometers (71,500 sq mi). In comparison, it’s smaller than Kyrgyzstan but larger than Tunisia.


Syria Satellite Map

Syria contains a mix of different types of landscapes like fertile plains, mountains, valleys, and deserts. Overall, Syria can be characterized as a hot, dry desert climate. During periods of high wind, it experiences dust and sandstorms, reducing visibility. Despite the dry climate, the country has rainy winters and even periodic snow in Damascus. Its longest river is the Euphrates but drought conditions threaten the river with biblical reference. The largest lake in Syria is Lake Assad because of a dam constructed in 1973. Syria lies between 32°N to 37°N with an arid subtropical and Mediterranean coastal climate.


Syria Physical Map

The terrain in Syria is a mix of coastal plains, deserts, and mountains in the west. Specifically, the Syrian Desert accounts for over 50% of the land area and is situated in the east.  The Jabal al-Druze Range is a volcanic mountain in the south of Syria. Another mountain range is the Anti-Lebanon mountain range, which straddles the border of Lebanon to the west. At 2,814 meters (9,232 ft), Mount Hermon is the highest peak in Syria along the Lebanon border as part of the Anti-Lebanon Mountains.