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About Jordan

Jordan is located in the Middle East, near the Gulf of Aqaba and Dead Sea. It’s northwest of Saudi Arabia, and also borders Iraq, Syria and Israel.

One of the most prominent features in Jordan is the Jordan Rift Valley, which extends in the north-south direction. This geological divide includes Jordan River Valley, the Dead Sea, and the Jordanian Highlands.

The highest point in Jordan is the mountain peak Jabal Umm ad Dami at 1,854 meters. Conversely, the lowest point is in the Dead Sea at -431 meters sea level.

Capital city


Cities, towns and villages

Al Aqabah
Al Hasa
Al Jafr
Al Karak
Al Mafraq
Al Mudawwarah
Al Qatranah
Al Umari
Ar Ramtha
Ar Rusayfah
Ar Ruwayshid
As Safawi
As Salt
Ash Shawbak
Az Zarqa
Azraq ash Shishan
Jurf ad Darawish
Ra’s an Naqb
Wadi as Sir

Lakes, rivers and creeks

Nahr al Yarmuk
Wadi al Jayb

Where is Jordan?

Jordan Location Map

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