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Oman Map

About the Map

Oman Location Map

This map of Oman displays cities, roads, satellite imagery, and elevation. Oman is a country in the Arabian Peninsula and is the oldest independent state in the Arab world. It borders the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.

Oman occupies an area of 309,500 square kilometers (119,500 sq mi), which is similar in size to Italy or Poland. Muscat is the capital and most populous city in the country.

The country is mostly desert such as the sandy Rub’Al Khali Desert which covers most of the southern third of the Arabian Peninsula. The Al-Hajar Mountains (Oman Mountains) are situated in the northeast, which also contains Jebel Shams, Oman’s highest peak.

Capital city


Cities, towns and villages

Al Kasab
Al Ashkharah
Al Hayma
Al Khaburah
As Suwayq
Ibri Matrah
Al Hamra

Lakes, rivers and water features

Gulf of Oman
Arabian Sea
Gulf of Masira
Kuria Muria Bay

Other features

Masirah Island
Khuriya Muriya Islands
Al-Hajar Mountains
Rub’Al Khali Desert
Major Highways and Roads
Jebel Shams (Highest Peak)
Dhofar Mountains
Jiddat Al-Harasis Desert

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