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State of Palestine Map

About the Map

State of Palestine Location Map

A State of Palestine map showing populated places, roads, satellite imagery, and elevation. The State of Palestine consists of two separate regions – the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

The State of Palestine primarily borders Israel, but also Egypt to the west and Jordan to the east. Palestine does not have a capital city and its legal status is in question from a wide variety of viewpoints.

A major landscape feature includes the Judean Mountains which go through Israel and the West Bank. The Dead Sea is situated to the southeast of the West Bank and it’s the lowest body of water on Earth’s surface.


West Bank
Gaza Strip

Cities, towns and villages

Gaza City
El Khalil (Hebron)
Khan Yunis

Water and other features

Jordan River
Dead Sea
Judean Mountains
Jordan Valley
Nabi Yunis (Highest Peak)
Carmel Mountains
Central Hill
Major Highways and Roads

Western Asia

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