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Map of Armenia – Cities and Roads

Armenia Map
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This map of Armenia shows cities, towns, rivers, and highways. It’s a country in both Europe and Western Asia. Satellite imagery and elevation maps highlight its mountainous terrain like the Lesser Caucasus Mountains (Armenian Highlands).

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Armenia World Map
Armenia on a World Map

Armenia is a landlocked country located in the Middle East. But it can also be considered geopolitically part of Europe as well. Yerevan is the capital and largest city of Armenia.

It borders 4 other countries. Turkey is located to the east. Whereas Azerbaijan is to the east. While Georgia is to the north, Iran is situated to the south. The Armenia boundary line is one of the most complex in the world today.

The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is an exclave of Azerbaijan that borders Armenia to the southwest. Then, Artsvashen and NagornoKarabakh are enclaves that Armenia claims within Azerbaijan. On the contrary, Azerbaijan claimed 4 enclaves within Armenia including Yukhari Askipara, Yaradullu, Barxudarli, and Karki.

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Armenia Satellite Map

Armenia occupies an area of 29,743 square kilometers (11,484 sq mi), which is similar in size to Albania. One of the most notable features in Armenia is Lake Sevan. At 5,000 square kilometers (1,900 sq mi) in area, it is the largest water body in the country.

According to the FAO, forests cover just an estimated 10% of Armenia. Because of its rugged terrain, rivers typically flow fast in Armenia. Some of its longest rivers are the Aras, Akhuryan, and Vorotan Rivers.

Armenia Satellite Map


Armenia Elevation Map

Armenia is mostly mountainous and rugged. Specifically, the Lesser Caucasus Mountains (Armenian Highlands) lie in the eastern region of Armenia. This mountain range stretches from Georgia in the north, almost to Iran.

As part of this mountain range, Mount Aragats is the highest peak in Armenia at 4,090 meters tall. Its other mountain ranges include the Geghama, Vardens, and the Zangezur Ranges.

Armenia Elevation Map

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