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Benin Map

This map of Benin displays major cities, towns, roads, and rivers.  It includes a satellite and physical map to view its forests and topography. Finally, a department map shows its administrative units.

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About the map

Benin World Map
Benin on a World Map

Benin is located in Western Africa, along the Gulf of Guinea to the south. It borders just 4 other African countries including Nigeria to the east, Togo to the west, Burkina Faso to the northwest, and Niger to the northeast.

The Bight of Benin is home to several large cities. This includes Cotonou, the largest city in Benin and the seat of government. But Porto-Novo is Benin’s capital, also in the southern region of Benin. 

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Benin Satellite Map

The country of Benin occupies an area of 114,763 square kilometers (44,310 sq mi), which makes it one of the smallest countries in Africa. Benin is elongated in the north-south direction, slightly bulging in the northern region. Benin is located just above the equator between 6° and 13°N latitudes.

Unlike its neighbors to the north, the Sahara Desert does not extend as far as Benin. Instead, land types that are characteristic of Benin include savannah, fallow, mangroves, and remnant forests. Although deforestation is ongoing in Benin, forests cover a bit more than an estimated 40% of Benin.

Benin Satellite Map


Benin Physical Map

The country of Benin is primarily flat with some undulating plains and rolling hills. Its highest point is Mont Sokbaro which reaches 658 meters (2,159 ft) in height. This hill is situated in the western region of the country next to Togo.

Some of its highest geographic regions are the plateaus of southern Benin, which reach a height of 20 to 200 m (66 to 656 ft).  Finally, the Altacora Range extends from Ghana in the northeast direction towards Benin.

Benin Physical Map


Benin Departments Map

Benin divides its administrative units into 12. Then, it subdivides departments further into communes. In 1999, Benin split its previous six departments. In turn, this doubled its count of departments and currently, Benin has 12 departments in total. Its largest city Cotonou is part of the Littoral, which is the smallest department in size.

Benin Administration Map

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