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Nigeria Map – Cities and Roads

Nigeria Map
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This map of Nigeria contains major cities, towns, states, roads, and rivers. It includes satellite imagery and an elevation map to view the topography and landscapes of Nigeria.

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About the map

Nigeria World Map
Nigeria on a World Map

Nigeria is located in Western Africa next to the Gulf of Guinea to the south. It borders 4 other African countries including Cameroon to the east, Chad to the northeast, Niger to the north, and Benin to the west.

The country is known as the “Giant of Africa” because of its large landmass. It’s not only its area, but Nigeria also has the highest population out of all African countries.

Nigeria is unique from other African nations because of its multiethnicity, film industry, and its 725-meter tall monolith outside the capital of Abuja, Zuma Rock. While English is the official language, there are over 500 different languages. Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. But Lagos is not only the most populous in Nigeria, but it’s also the most populous in all of Africa.

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Nigeria Satellite Map

Nigeria occupies an area of 923,769 square kilometers (356,669 sq mi), which is one of the largest countries in Africa. Although it’s larger than countries like Namibia and Mozambique, it’s still smaller than Egypt or Tanzania.

The Niger River is the longest in Nigeria, which flows from the northwest southward forming the Niger Delta where eventually it terminates into the Gulf of Guinea.

Its landscapes are mostly covered with plains and savannas. But it encompasses a wide mix of deserts, plains, swamps, mountains, and jungles. Three south of the country is indented with both the Bight of Biafra (Officially: Bight of Bonny) and Bight of Benin.

Nigeria Satellite Map


Nigeria Physical Map

In general, Nigeria contains plains in the north. In the central region, it transitions to plateaus and hills. Finally, the southern region consists of coastal plains. Namely, the major elevation features are the Udi Hills, Plateau Yorubaland, and Jos Plateau in the central region.

But there are also several highland areas in the southeast as well, bordering Cameroon. These include the Cameroon Highlands, Atlantika Mountains, and Gotel Mountains. The Bornu Plains are to the northeast beside Chad. Whereas Sokoto Plains to the northwest with Niger. At 2,419 meters (7,936 ft), Chappal Waddi is the highest point in Nigeria located along the eastern border with Cameroon.

Nigeria Physical Map


Nigeria States Map

States are the first-level administrative unit in Nigeria. Currently, there are 36 states and 1 federal territory. States evolved from the broader regions. Also, states can be further subdivided into local government areas (LGA) in Nigeria.

Nigeria State Map

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