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Map of Cape Verde

Cape Verde Map
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This Cape Verde map contains major cities, towns, and roads that make up the islands of Cape Verde. It includes satellite imagery and an elevation map to see its topography.

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About the map

Cape Verde World Map
Cape Verde on a World Map

Cape Verde is a group of 10 islands shaped like a horseshoe in the North Atlantic Ocean. The country is off the west coast of Senegal, Africa about 600 kilometers away.

Cape Verde is also known as Cabo Verde because the Portuguese first discovered the uninhabited islands in the 15th century.

Currently, Cape Verde has one of the highest literacy rates and GDP in all of Africa. Also, it’s known for being an important communications site, and station for air and sea refueling.

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Cape Verde Satellite Map

Cape Verde consists of 10 islands, which are volcanic in origin. In total, the islands occupy an area of 4,033 square kilometers (1,557 sq mi).  They lie above the equator between 14° and 18°N latitudes.

There are two separate groups of islands. First, the Barlavento Islands (Windward Islands) include the islands of Santo Antão, São Vicente, Santa Luzia, São Nicolau, Sal, and Boa Vista. Secondly, the Sotavento Islands (Leeward) include the islands of Maio, Santiago, Fogo, and Brava. According to the FAO, forests cover about 21% of Cape Verde.

Cape Verde Satellite Map


Cape Verde Physical Map

The terrain in Cape Verde is a mix of dry plains and highly active volcanoes. In general, the eastern islands are flatter. Whereas the western islands are more mountainous with cliffs that rise steeply from the ocean.

At 2,829 meters (9,281 ft), its highest point is Mount Fogo, which is an active stratovolcano on the island of Fogo. Overall, the volcanic landscapes and unique flora of the region make it popular for adventurers.

Cape Verde Physical Map

Capital City


Islands and archipelagos

Santo Antão
São Vicente
Santa Luzia
São Nicolau

Boa Vista
Ilhas do Sotavento
Ilhéu de Cima
Ilhéus do Rombo
Ilhéu Grande
Ilhas do Barlavento
Ilhéu Branco
Ilhéu Raso

Major cities and towns

Porto Novo

Santa Maria
Sal Rei

Populated places

Ribeira da Cruz
Ponta do Sol
Ribeira Grande
São Pedro
Vila da Ribeira Brava
Pedra Lume
Calheta de São Miguel

Pedra Badejo
Vila do Maio
Figueira da Horta
Ribeira da Barca
São Domingos
Cidade Velha
São Filipe
Cova Figueira
Vila Nova
Fundo das Figueiras
Curral Velho

Water features

North Atlantic Ocean

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