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Map of Saint Helena

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Saint Helena is a remote collection of islands in the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and South America. This map of Saint Helena contains points, bays, settlements, airports, roads, and mountains.

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Saint Helena World Map
Saint Helena on a World Map

Saint Helena is a British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic Ocean. It consists of 4 main islands spread out 3,650 kilometers from north to south – Ascension, Saint Helena, Tristan de Cuhna, and Gough.

Ascension is the northmost island, located 2,300 kilometers off the coast of Brazil to the west. Secondly, Saint Helena is the center island, approximately 1,850 kilometers away from Angola, Africa to the east.

The capital of Saint Helena is Jamestown. However, Half Tree Hollow, a suburb of Jamestown, is the largest settlement. The archipelago of Tristan da Cunha includes Gough Island, which is the southernmost island, 2600 kilometers away from South Africa.

While Nightingale Island is an active volcano, Inaccessible Island is an extinct volcano. Both of these minor islands are situated close to Tristan da Cunha. Overall, the islands are between 7°S and 40°S latitude from Ascension to Gough Island.

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