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Sao Tome and Principe Map

About the Map

Sao Tome and Principe Location Map

This map of Sao Tome and Principe shows towns, villages, roads, water, satellite imagery, and elevation. Sao Tome and Principe consist of two main islands approximately 150 kilometers apart.

It occupies an area of 1,001 square kilometers (386 sq mi) which is the second-smallest in Africa (after Seychelles). Sao Tome and Principe are located off the west coast of Central Africa in the Gulf of Guinea.

Both islands are part of an extinct volcanic mountain range with rainforests covering large areas of land. The country is positioned close to the equator with a tropical climate. The capital is Sao Tome City, situated on the northeast of Sao Tome Island.

Capital city

Sao Tome City


Santo Antonio
Santa Cruz
Dona Augusta
Santa Catarina
Diogo Vaz
Belo Monte
Bela Vista

Other features

Atlantic Ocean
Gulf of Guinea
São Tomé International Airport
Major Highways and Roads
Pico de São Tomé (Highest Peak)
Principe Airport

Middle Africa

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