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Cuba Map

Cuba Map

Cuba map collection

Cuba Map
Cuba Map
Cuba Satellite Map
Cuba Satellite Map
Cuba Hillshade Map
Cuba Shaded Relief

About the Map

Cuba Location Map

This Cuba map (Republic of Cuba) shows major cities, towns, roads, elevation, and satellite imagery. Cuba consists of the island of Cuba, Isla de la Juventud, and various smaller archipelagos.

Cuba is located along the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, within the Atlantic Ocean. It’s situated near three Bahamas, Haiti, and the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean.

The size of Cuba is 109,880 square kilometers which is just smaller than the state of Nevada. Cuba’s terrain is mostly flat and becomes mountainous in the southeast. Pico Turquino is the highest peak in Cuba at 1,974 metres (6,476 ft) in height.

Capital city


Cities, towns and villages

Pinar Del Rio
Santa Clara
Sancti Spiritus
Nueva Gerona
Ciego De Avila
Victoria De Las Tunas
Santiago De Cuba
Baracoa Bayamo
La Fe

Lakes, rivers, and water features

North Atlantic Ocean
Caribbean Sea
Gulf of Mexico
Straits of Florida
Gulf of Guacanayabo
Gulf of Batabano
Rio Buey

Other features and islands

Havana José Martí International Airport
Pico Turquino (Highest Point)
Major Highways and Roads
Isla De La Juventud
Jardines De La Reina
Seaports (Isabela de Sagua, Caibarien, and Banes)


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