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Map of the Bahamas

About the Bahamas

Bahamas Location Map

The Bahamas is a chain of islands located along the Caribbean Sea and Straits of Florida. It consists of about 700 islands scattered in the North Atlantic Ocean. But only 31 of them are inhabited with human settlements.

The chain of islands is roughly situated southeast of Florida and Northeast of Cuba. In general, the terrain is long, flat, and long with some low-rounded hills scattered across its islands.

Citizens of The Bahamas do not have the burden of paying income tax. It’s also only one of two countries to have the word “The” in its name. The other country is in Africa known as The Gambia.

Capital city


Cities, towns and populated places

Abrahams Bay
Alice Town
Arthurs Town
Bannerman Town
Bar Bay Settlement
Cherokee Sound
Coakley Town
Forbes Hill
Free Town
Galloway Landing
George Town
Gregory Town
Hard Bargain
High Rocks
Kemps Bay
Moss Town
New Town
Nicolls Town
Pirates Well
Pitts Town
Red Bay
Snug Corner
Southwest Point
Tarpum Head
The Bluff
The Current

Water features

Caribbean Sea
North Atlantic Ocean
Straits of Florida

Administrative units

Berry Islands
Black Point
Cat Island
Central Abaco
Central Andros
Central Eleuthera
City of Freeport
Crooked Island and Long Cay
East Grand Bahama
Harbour Island
Long Island
Mangrove Cay
Moore’s Island
New Providence
North Abaco
North Andros
North Eleuthera
Ragged Island
Rum Cay
San Salvador
South Abaco
South Andros
South Eleuthera
Spanish Wells
West Grand Bahama

Where is the Bahamas?

Bahamas Location Map


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