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Map of Bermuda

This map of Bermuda shows the country located in the Atlantic Ocean with satellite imagery. The reference map of Bermuda contains settlements, seaports, bays, islands, points, harbors, and its international airport.


Bermuda Political Map

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the Atlantic Ocean about 1,035 kilometers (643 mi) away from North Carolina in the United States. Although it has seven main islands, there are 181 islands in total, which are mostly uninhabited. Overall, the population is over 65,000 people making it one of the most populous British territories. Hamilton is Bermuda’s capital and largest city. The island is known for its pink sandy beaches, coral reefs, and the historic town of St. George. There is also a mythical history behind the Bermuda triangle, which stems from a number of ships and aircrafts that have disappeared under unknown circumstances.

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Bermuda Satellite Map

Bermuda occupies a total area of 53.2 square kilometers (20.5 sq mi). In comparison, this is the same size as Saint Martin located in the Caribbean Sea. Bermuda is a group of long and extinct volcanoes east of the Sargasso Sea. Its coastline is estimated to be 103 kilometers (64 mi) in length. The collection of islands lie between 32°15′ and 32°15′ so its climate is subtropical with mild winter temperatures. The territory is mostly low-lying without any major mountain chains. At 79 meters tall (260 ft), the tallest peak is Town Hill on Main Island. Other than its beaches, Bermuda’s most popular attractions are the Royal Naval Dockyard, the National Museum of Bermuda, Historic St. George, and the Crystal Caves.

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