Seychelles Map

A map of Seychelles that shows major settlements, roads, and islands with satellite imagery. It features its three main islands of Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue.


Seychelles Political Map

Seychelles is an archipelago of about 115 islands in the Indian Ocean northeast of Madagascar. Although most islands are small and uninhabited, it has three main islands – Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue. First, Mahe is the largest island in size and accounts for close to 90% of the population. Victoria is the capital and largest city on the island of Mahé.  Secondly, Praslin is the second-largest at 38.5 square kilometers and second most populous with Baie Ste Anne, Anse Volbert, and Grand’ Anse as its major settlements. Finally, La Digue has an area of 10 square kilometers and is located to the east of Praslin. Otherwise, the island of Aldabra is the world’s largest raised coral atoll.


Seychelles Satellite Map

Seychelles occupies an area of 459 square kilometers (177 sq mi), which is the smallest country in Africa (and one of the smallest in the world). It’s known for its deep blue waters, white sandy beaches, dense tropical forests, and coral reefs (which are being affected by climate change). At 905 meters (2,969 ft), Morne Seychellois is the highest peak in Seychelles on the main island of Mahe. From its 115 islands, 73 are coral islands and 43 are granitic islands. Additionally, you can divide Seychelles into the Inner Islands and the Outer Islands. Madagascar, Mauritius, and Comoros all lie to the south of Seychelles.