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Marshall Islands Map

About the Map

Marshall Islands Location-Map

This Marshall Islands map shows atolls, islands, and water features. The Marshall Islands are a chain of volcanic islands in the central Pacific Ocean. They are situated to the northeast of Papua New Guinea and Australia and northwest of Kiribati.

The Marshall Islands consist of 5 main islands and 29 atolls occupying an area of 181.43 square kilometers. It has a population of 58,400 people who reside on 5 of its islands.

The Marshall Islands is one of the newest nations gaining independence since just 1986. It’s a popular diving destination such as Bikini Atoll’s World War II ship graveyard site and its underwater marine life.

Capital city



Kili Island
Lib Island
Mejit Island
Jabat Island
Jemo Island


Kwajalein Atoll
Mili Atoll
Ailinglaplap Atoll
Jaluit Atoll
Ebon Atoll
Arno Atoll
Majuro Atoll
Lae Atoll
Namdrik Atoll
Taongi Atoll
Bikar Atoll
Bikini Atoll
Enewetak Atoll
Rongelap Atoll
Rongerik Atoll
Utirik Atoll
Ailinginae Atoll
Wotho Atoll
Ujelang Atoll
Ujae Atoll
Namu Atoll
Taka Atoll
Ailuk Atoll
Likiep Atoll
Wotje Atoll
Goat Island
Erikub Atoll
Maloelap Atoll
Aur Atoll

Islands and Other features

North Pacific Ocean
Ralik Chain
Ratak Chain


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