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Map of Tokelau

This map of Tokelau shows its collection of atolls. As a self-governing territory of New Zealand, Tokelau is remotely located in the Pacific Ocean. This Tokelau map displays points, bays, islands, settlements, and solar plants which power the islands.


Tokelau Map

Tokelau is a remote collection of atolls that lie in the Pacific Ocean, spread out over a distance of about 170 kilometers (105 mi). Its three main atolls consist of Nukunonu in the center. Secondly, Atafu is 90 kilometers to the north. Lastly, Fakaofo is 60 kilometers (56 mi) to the south. Samoa is the closest island, which is situated 185 kilometers (115 mi) to the south. Additionally, the Northern Cook Islands are 615 kilometers (382 mi) away to the southeast. Finally, Kiribati (Phoenix Islands) is situated 460 kilometers (285 mi) away to the north. Altogether, the combined area is 10 square kilometers (4 sq mi), which makes it about half the size of Nauru. Each atoll contains a village by the same name with Atafu the largest settlement. Tokelau is a dependent territory of New Zealand with just an estimated 1,500 people. Overall, this makes it one of the least populous in the world. The territory relies on renewable solar power making it the first nation to use it for 100% of its energy source.

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