Tonga Map

A Tonga map collection with a reference map, satellite imagery, and an elevation. It includes everything from cities, towns, roads, highways, and islands.


Tonga Political Map

Tonga is a group of 176 islands (36 are inhabited) in the South Pacific Ocean. The country is known for its beaches, coral reefs, and tropical rainforests. It’s part of Polynesia near American Samoa to the northeast, Samoa to the north, Fiji Islands to the west, and New Zealand to the southwest. The capital and largest city of Tonga is Nuku’alofa on the main island, Tongatapu. Other major towns and villages are Neiafu, Mu’a, and Kolovai.


Tonga Satellite Map

Tonga extends for 800 kilometers (500 mi) in a north-south direction. Altogether, the islands of Tonga occupy an area of 750 square kilometers (290 sq mi). In comparison, it’s larger than Singapore but smaller than Kiribati. It lies between 15°S and 22°S within the South Pacific Ocean so its climate is mostly tropical rainforest. Its types of landscapes are a mix of coral atolls, sandy beaches, and coral reefs. There are approximately 419 kilometers (260 mi) of coastline.


Tonga Elevation Map

The terrain of Tonga is a mix of low-lying coral islands interspersed with active and extinct volcanoes. For example, its major volcanoes include Tafahi, Late, and Tofua. Additionally, Lateiki Island, also known as Metis Shoal, is a large undersea volcano in the extremely active part of the Tonga Archipelago. But its highest volcano is the island of Kao, which is also a stratovolcano. At 1,033 meters (3,389 ft), is the highest point in Tonga. Whereas its lowest point is the Pacific Ocean at 0 meters (0 ft).