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Balkan States Map Collection

This map collection of the Balkan States (or simply the Balkans) showcases this geographical region in Southeast Europe.

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Detailed Balkan States Map

This Balkan States map clearly marks the national boundaries of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia.

It also includes the countries of Romania, Slovenia, and other neighboring countries. You’ll also find cities, towns, and other populated places in this Balkan States map.

Balkan States Detailed Map
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Balkan States Map with Countries

Looking for a simple map of the Balkan States region that only shows countries and corresponding labels. This is your ticket.

Our simple map of the Balkan region contains political borders. But it also has a nice balance with water features like gulfs and bays.

Balkan States Map
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Physical Map of the Balkan States

Our physical map of the Balkan area is a specialist in representing the physical terrain. This includes mountains, valleys, plains, and peaks.

It also depicts geographical features like the Balkan Mountains, the Dinaric Alps, and the Transylvanian Alps. You’ll also find water features like the Aegean Sea and major rivers like the Danube, Tisa, and Drava.

Balkan States Physical Map
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Administration Map of the Balkan States

This administration map gives you a bit higher level of detail. On this map, you get to see administrative units for each Balkan country.

You can also view borders with neighboring countries outside the Balkans. For example, you can see Italy across the Adriatic Sea, Hungary, and others.

Balkan States Administration Map
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Balkan States Map with Capitals

This map features the countries in the Balkan State region. But the key here is that it includes the capital city of each country with the red star symbols.

You’ll find capital cities like Tirana (Albania), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Sofia (Bulgaria), Zagreb (Croatia), Athens (Greece), Pristina (Kosovo), Podgorica (Montenegro), Skopje (North Macedonia), Bucharest (Romania), Ljubljana (Slovenia), and Belgrade (Serbia).

Balkan States Capitals Map
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World Atlas with the Balkan Countries

The Balkan region is known for its beautiful landscapes, rich history, and diverse cultures. But at the same time, it has complex political and ethnic relationships.

The Balkan region has been a crossroads of various civilizations over the centuries. Over time, it has contributed to its diverse cultural heritage.

Our world atlas is where you can find detailed maps of each country in the Balkan States. Click on the map below to get more detailed information.

Geography of the Balkan States 

Below, you can find a table that lists all the Balkan States. You can also find a brief description of where it is located geographically in Southeast Europe.

CountryGeography Description
AlbaniaMountainous terrain with extensive Adriatic and Ionian coastlines.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaRugged landscape with forests, mountains, and a small Adriatic coastline.
BulgariaDiverse terrain with mountains, plains, and Black Sea coastline.
CroatiaCoastal country with a long Adriatic Sea coastline and many islands.
GreeceMountainous peninsula and numerous islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas.
KosovoLandlocked with a central and western mountainous region.
MontenegroMountainous with a narrow coastal plain along the Adriatic Sea.
North MacedoniaMountainous with valleys and fertile basins.
RomaniaDiverse with mountains, hills, and plains; Danube Delta at the Black Sea.
SerbiaPredominantly mountainous in the south; plains in the north.
SloveniaMountainous with a small coastline along the Adriatic Sea.

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