Europe Political Map

This map of Europe displays its countries, capitals, and physical features. Each country has its own reference map with highways, cities, rivers, and lakes.

About the map

Europe World Map

Europe is a continent in the northern hemisphere beside Asia to the east, Africa to the south (separated by the Mediterranean Sea), the North Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Arctic Ocean to the north. Europe occupies the westernmost region of the Eurasian landmass.

Two major peninsulas are the Iberian Peninsula, which contains Spain and Portugal, as well as the Italian Peninsula. Scandinavia is the northernmost trio of countries including Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Whereas islands like Iceland, Britain, and Ireland extend into the North Atlantic Ocean.

Because the Ural Mountains mark Europe’s eastern boundary with Asia, Europe includes part of Russia. This includes its most populous cities, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Otherwise, the Caucasus Mountains and the Turkish Straits mark Europe’s southern continental border with Asia. 

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Capital Cities

Albania – Tirana
Andorra – Andorra la Vella
Austria – Vienna
Belarus – Minsk
Belgium – Brussels
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo
Bulgaria – Sofia
Croatia – Zagreb
Czechia – Prague
Denmark – Copenhagen
Estonia – Tallinn
Finland – Helsinki
France – Paris
Germany – Berlin
Greece – Athens
Hungary – Budapest
Iceland – Reykjavik
Ireland – Dublin
Italy – Rome
Latvia – Riga
Liechtenstein – Vaduz
Lithuania – Vilnius

Luxembourg – Luxembourg
Malta – Valletta
Moldova – Chisinau
Monaco – Monaco
Montenegro – Podgorica
Netherlands – Amsterdam
North Macedonia – Skopje
Norway – Oslo
Poland – Warsaw
Portugal – Lisbon
Romania – Bucharest
Russia – Moscow
San Marino – San Marino
Serbia – Belgrade
Slovakia – Bratislava
Slovenia – Ljubljana
Spain – Madrid
Sweden – Stockholm
Switzerland – Bern
Ukraine – Kiev
United Kingdom – London


Baltic Sea
North Sea
Celtic Sea
English Channel
Mediterranean Sea
Black Sea
Denmark Strait

Norwegian Sea
Gulf of Bothnia
Gulf of Finland
Bay Biscay
Aegean Sea
Strait of Gibraltar




Europe Physical Map
Europe Physical Map

Europe is a mix of types of terrain. This Europe physical map displays its major mountain chains such as the Alps, Pyrenees, & Carpathians.

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