Europe Map

A map of Europe that displays its countries, capitals, and physical features. Each country has its own reference map with highways, cities, rivers, and lakes.

Europe Political Map

Europe is a continent in the northern hemisphere beside Asia to the east, Africa to the south (separated by the Mediterranean Sea), the North Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Arctic Ocean to the north. Europe occupies the westernmost region of the Eurasian landmass. Two major peninsulas are the Iberian Peninsula, which contains Spain and Portugal, as well as the Italian Peninsula. Scandinavia is the northernmost trio of countries including Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Whereas islands like Iceland, Britain, and Ireland extend into the North Atlantic Ocean. Because the Ural Mountains mark Europe’s eastern boundary with Asia, Europe includes part of Russia. This includes its most populous cities, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.  Otherwise, the Caucasus Mountains and the Turkish Straits mark Europe’s southern continental border with Asia. 


Europe Physical Map

The European landmass occupies a total area of 10,180,000 square kilometers (3,930,000 sq mi) which makes it the second smallest continent. Even though just the western 23% of Russia is located in Europe, it accounts for the largest amount than any other country.  But Ukraine, France, and Spain are the next largest countries in Europe. Europe is a mix of different types of terrain with its major mountain chains as the Alps, Pyrenees, and Carpathians. Whereas the Great European Plain is one of the largest uninterrupted flatlands in the world, spanning into France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and Poland. Europe is situated in the middle latitudes, so its climate is temperate with more distinct seasonal change.