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High Resolution Europe Map

High Resolution Europe Map

Download our high resolution map of Europe for any purpose. It features countries, capitals, major cities, highways, and more. Although city names might be difficult to see at this extent, we encourage you to download a copy of the map and zoom into your area of interest.

You are free to use our high resolution map of Europe for educational and commercial uses. Attribution is required. How to attribute?

Atlas of Europe

Looking for more high-quality maps of Europe? Our map collection of Europe includes various types of maps. For instance, you can find physical, countries, or just a simple map of the continent. Click on the map below.

Western Europe Countries

Western Europe sits in the western part of the European continent. The Atlantic Ocean borders it to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

Here is a table of Western European countries that shows brief descriptions of locations.

CountryDescription of Location
AustriaLandlocked country with Alpine landscapes
BelgiumLow-lying country with a rich cultural heritage
FranceDiverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage
GermanyHistorical significance and economic strength
LiechtensteinLandlocked microstate in the Alps
LuxembourgLandlocked country with a high standard of living
MonacoTiny city-state on the French Riviera
NetherlandsLow-lying country with a network of canals
SwitzerlandLandlocked country with stunning Alpine scenery

Western Europe

Northern Europe Countries

Northern Europe is located in the northern part of the European continent. It is often associated with a colder climate and Nordic landscapes, including countries such as Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

Here is a list of Northern European countries along with descriptions of locations.

CountryDescription of Location
DenmarkScandinavian country with numerous islands
EstoniaBaltic state with a coastline on the Baltic Sea
FinlandNordic country with numerous lakes
IcelandIsland nation in the North Atlantic
LatviaBaltic state with a coastline on the Baltic Sea
LithuaniaBaltic state with a coastline on the Baltic Sea
NorwayScandinavian country with fjords and mountains
Republic of IrelandIsland nation with lush landscapes and historic sites
SwedenScandinavian country with beautiful landscapes
United KingdomIsland nation with a rich cultural history

Don’t forget to take a look at our map of Scandinavia, which includes the countries of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. We’ve also created a map of the Baltic peninsula, which highlights the countries that surround the Baltic Sea.

Northern Europe

Southern Europe Countries

Southern Europe is situated on the southern part of the European continent, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. It encompasses countries such as Italy, Spain, and Greece, known for their Mediterranean climate and cultural richness.

Here is a table with Southern European countries and descriptions.

CountryDescription of Location
AlbaniaBalkan nation with Adriatic coastline
AndorraBalkan nation with an Adriatic coastline
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBalkan nation with diverse landscapes
CroatiaAdriatic Sea coastline and islands
GreeceAncient history and Mediterranean country
ItalyFamous for art, history, and diverse landscapes
MaltaIsland nation in the Mediterranean
MontenegroBalkan nation with Adriatic coastline
North MacedoniaBalkan nation with diverse landscapes
PortugalCoastal beauty, and a maritime heritage
San MarinoLandlocked microstate surrounded by Italy
SerbiaLandlocked country with diverse landscapes
SloveniaAlpine country with a small Adriatic coastline
SpainDiverse geography and unique culture

For more free maps, we have a map of the Balkan states that showcases this geographical region in Southeast Europe. You can find some of these countries on our map of the Mediterranean Sea.

Southern Europe

Eastern Europe Countries

Eastern Europe includes countries such as Russia, Poland, and Ukraine. It’s characterized by diverse landscapes and a complex history influenced by both Western and Eastern cultural influences.

Here is a list of Eastern European countries along with descriptions of locations.

CountryDescription of Location
BelarusLandlocked country with diverse landscapes
BulgariaBalkan nation with Black Sea coastline
Czech RepublicLandlocked country with historic cities
GeorgiaAt the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Asia
HungaryLandlocked country with a unique cultural identity
KosovoBalkan region with a complex political status
MoldovaLandlocked country with cultural diversity
PolandRich history, and a mix of landscapes
RomaniaBalkan nation with diverse geography
RussiaVast territory spanning both Europe and Asia
SlovakiaLandlocked country with a mix of landscapes
UkraineLargest country in Europe by land area

Eastern Europe