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Africa Map with Countries and Capitals

Ready to explore the continent of Africa? Check out this map of Africa with countries and cities. We allow you to download for free and use any map of Africa.

Africa Map with Countries

Africa Map with Capital Cities

We bring you two different flavors. The first map shows a map of Africa with countries. The next one includes capital cities for each African country.

Remember that you can download both maps for free. Please cite our page as a reference as the originator of this map of Africa.

Africa Map with Countries and Capitals

Countries in Africa

According to the United Nations, Africa has 54 countries. Here’s a bit of background of the continent of Africa that lists each country in a table. We also include the country’s location on the mainland of Africa.

AlgeriaNorth Africa, Mediterranean coastline.
AngolaSouthern Africa, Atlantic Ocean coast.
BeninWest Africa, Gulf of Guinea.
BotswanaSouthern Africa, landlocked.
Burkina FasoWest Africa, inland.
BurundiEast Africa, Great Rift Valley.
Cabo VerdeWest Africa, Atlantic island chain.
CameroonCentral Africa, Gulf of Guinea.
Central African Rep.Central Africa, landlocked.
ChadCentral Africa, Sahara Desert.
ComorosIndian Ocean, off East Africa.
Congo (Brazzaville)Central Africa, Congo River basin.
Congo (Kinshasa)Central Africa, Congo River basin.
Cote d’IvoireWest Africa, Gulf of Guinea.
DjiboutiEast Africa, Red Sea coastline.
EgyptNorth Africa, Nile River valley.
Equatorial GuineaCentral Africa, Gulf of Guinea.
EritreaEast Africa, Red Sea coastline.
EswatiniSouthern Africa, landlocked.
EthiopiaEast Africa, Great Rift Valley.
GabonCentral Africa, Gulf of Guinea.
GambiaWest Africa, Atlantic Ocean coast.
GhanaWest Africa, Gulf of Guinea.
GuineaWest Africa, Atlantic Ocean coast.
Guinea-BissauWest Africa, Atlantic Ocean coast.
KenyaEast Africa, Great Rift Valley.
LesothoSouthern Africa, landlocked.
LiberiaWest Africa, Atlantic Ocean coast.
LibyaNorth Africa, Sahara Desert.
MadagascarIndian Ocean, off Southeast Africa.
MalawiEast Africa, landlocked.
MaliWest Africa, Sahara Desert.
MauritaniaWest Africa, Sahara Desert.
MauritiusIndian Ocean, off East Africa.
MoroccoNorth Africa, Atlantic Ocean coast.
MozambiqueSoutheast Africa, Indian Ocean coast.
NamibiaSouthern Africa, Atlantic Ocean coast.
NigerWest Africa, Sahara Desert.
NigeriaWest Africa, Gulf of Guinea.
RwandaEast Africa, Great Rift Valley.
Sao Tome and PrincipeGulf of Guinea, off West Central Africa.
SenegalWest Africa, Atlantic Ocean coast.
SeychellesIndian Ocean, off East Africa.
Sierra LeoneWest Africa, Atlantic Ocean coast.
SomaliaEast Africa, Horn of Africa.
South AfricaSouthern Africa, Indian and Atlantic.
South SudanEast Africa, landlocked.
SudanEast Africa, Nile River valley.
TanzaniaEast Africa, Great Rift Valley.
TogoWest Africa, Gulf of Guinea.
TunisiaNorth Africa, Mediterranean coastline.
UgandaEast Africa, Great Rift Valley.
ZambiaSouthern Africa, landlocked.
ZimbabweSouthern Africa, landlocked.

Disputed Territories

There are several disputed territories in Africa. Some notable examples include Western Sahara, Abyei, and the border areas between Sudan and South Sudan.

Disputed TerritoryDescription
Western SaharaLocated in North Africa, bordered by Morocco and Mauritania, along the Atlantic coastline.
AbyeiAbyei is a region situated on the border between Sudan and South Sudan, in East Africa.
Sudan and South SudanThese border areas are located in East Africa, marking the boundary between Sudan and South Sudan.

Atlas of Africa

In search of a map of Africa? Our assortment of African maps features a variety of types, from physical maps to clear country outlines, and straightforward continental overviews. To explore these options, just click on any of the maps displayed below.


  1. Because of the African Colonial period, it would be helpful if dates were included, example these were the country names in 1939, etc.

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